Power Filter/ UPS

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Power Filter 4 way with Telephone Line Protection

¸ Surge Current: 4,500A

¸ Typical Capacitance: 430pF

¸ Clamping Voltage: < 275V (at 50A)

¸ Energy Absorption: 275 Joules

¸ Response Time: < 20 nano seconds

¸ Filtration protection: EMI and RFI

¸ 2m length power cord - extra long

Voltage Rating 240VAC 50Hz

Current 10 Amps

Power Rating 2400 Watt

APN 9318054809892

PT055  cdy2710


$33 inc.GST
 UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 600VA  

The DIGITUS Line Interactive UPS systems come with a compact size and an excellent microprocessor control, which a High reliability guaranteed. With their user-friendly handling, they provide high performance and security for your business and office computer systems against data loss and damage. Features such as overload, discharge and overcharge protection, a cold start function and energy saving features as well as an acoustic alarm system are just some of the advantages of DIGITUS Line-Interactive UPS systems.

Capacity 600VA / 360W

Input Voltage 230VAC

Input Voltage Range 162VAC - 290VAC

Output Voltage Regulation ± 10% (Bat. mode)

Transfer Time Typical 2 - 6ms

Waveform Simulated Sine Wave

Interface 1x Hard-Wired 3 Point Plug 2x 3 Point Plug Sockets 1x RJ11 In 1x RJ11 Out 1x USB Type B Socket

Battery Type and Number 1x 12V / 7AH

Charging Time 4 Hours, up to 90% Capacity

Dimensions (mm) 101 (w) x 279 (d) x 142 (h)

Weight Approx. 4.2kgs

Included Accessories Instructions ViewPower Software 1x USB Type A (M) to USB Type B (M)




$129 inc.GST
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 1000VA  
Microprocessor controlled Line Interactive technology Boost and buck automatic voltage regulation (AVR) Intelligent battery management system LCD display panel Input & output voltage display on the LCD panel Over/under voltage, lightning, surge protections Short circuit, overload, over discharge protections Battery, load, operation status indicators

■Communication port RS 232 & USB

■Tel/fax/modem protection

■Availability to use without batteries as AVR

■Input Voltage: 230V or 220V ± 25%

■Output Voltage: Simulated Sinewave 230V or 220V ± 10%

■Back up time: 5 - 30 minutes (depending on computer load)

■Auto save & shut down  do 2710



$199 inc.GST